Lyrical Rapper B. Totty Working With Infamous Producer LX Xander

Hailing from North Carolina but now residing in Miami, B. Totty is an enigmatic lyrical rapper, combining elements of hip-hop & rock to create unique fusion. Like a flipped puzzle box, his music presents a captivating challenge, with each piece waiting to be assembled into a cohesive & profound narrative.

Raised in a fractured home, B. Totty shouldered the responsibility of supporting his mother for his early years. With his mother’s tragic passing from cancer at a tender age, our young artist poured his soul into his music, aiming to inspire listeners on their own journeys of triumph and self-discovery.

“I aim to prove that being lyrical, intelligent, and thought-provoking is not only valid but captivating.” he tells us. “It’s a call to those who have experienced setbacks and challenges, revealing that success is not restricted to a specific age or timeframe. The power of storytelling, celebrating the resilience of the human spirit… I’m determined to leave a lasting mark on the world of music.”

B. Totty has recently joined forces with Billboard-charting music producer LX Xander. Having worked with a plethora of major artists including Lil Uzi Vert, RiFF RAFF, Wiz Khalifa & more, LX has earned his stripes in the music industry.

“I was drawn to the idea of collaborating with LX because of his consistency and dedication to his craft”, B. Totty explains. “What particularly intrigues me about LX’s artist development program is the design and actionable steps that an artist like myself can implement – by joining forces with LX, I am confident that we can bring my creative vision to the world.”

You can follow B. Totty on Instagram at @btotty_music.

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