Manztrade: Hottest upcoming artist from New York

Being a 23 year old from New York there is so much hype around the music industry. Manztrade is inspired to become one of the best producers in the country. As a young kid his parents always told him to follow his dreams and to be realistic with the goals he would set for himself. Becoming an Artist was not easy at the start as there were many ups and downs when it came to getting started.  

Manztrade talks about his biggest struggle being making music that he likes to make versus music that he thinks artists will have a good time recording to. When asked when he works the best, he says that some nights he can be up for hours at a time at night, and when he gets in the creative mindset, there is no stopping him. 

Manztrade is on the rise and needs to be watched, there is a lot of potential for the upcoming artist, and with all of the work he continues to put in he will be on top in no time. 


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