Maxo Kream with “Bang The Bus”

Maxo Kream, the Texas rapper known for his distinctive style, has just unleashed a new sonic experience with his latest single, “Bang The Bus.” In this nearly three-minute track, Maxo takes listeners on a provocative journey through his sexual fantasies, delivering explicit lyrics that leave nothing to the imagination.

The pre-chorus of the song features Maxo referencing his lifestyle with lines like, “Persona Money Gang, come hang with us / Porno flick in the Sprinter van, you can bring your friends, come bang the bus.” The gritty and unapologetic approach to the lyrics showcases Maxo’s confidence and fearlessness in pushing boundaries within the hip-hop genre.

Collaborating with Florida up-and-comer Luh Tyler on his previous track, “Whatchamacallit,” Maxo Kream continues to demonstrate versatility in his collaborations. However, “Bang The Bus” stands out with its druggy and woozy sounds, marking a departure from the typical Texas rap scene.

Evilgiane, the New York producer behind the beat, provides an airy and dreamy backdrop that complements Maxo’s smooth and lower-register flow. Evilgiane has been gaining recognition, with recent highlights including the single “40” and the album #HEAVENSGATE (VOL. 1).

Maxo Kream’s latest release is not just a song; it’s a hedonistic anthem that pushes the boundaries of conventional hip-hop. With “Bang The Bus,” Maxo continues to solidify his presence in the rap game, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what he’ll drop next.

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