Meek Mill Calls Out Grammys Over Injustice and Snubs

Meek Mill, the renowned rapper behind hits like “Dreams & Nightmares,” didn’t mince words when he took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his disappointment with the Grammys. In a series of passionate tweets, Meek questioned not only the decision-making process behind the winners but also the timing of events, particularly concerning the arrest of fellow rapper Killer Mike.

Expressing his frustration, Meek emphasized the real influence artists like him have on the culture and criticized the Grammy Awards for what he perceived as propaganda and questionable timing in their awarding process. He specifically highlighted Killer Mike’s arrest just after winning three Grammy awards, calling the timing “insanity.”

In addition to addressing Killer Mike’s situation, Meek also shed light on the lack of recognition for artists like Rod Wave, who despite their significant impact and sold-out arenas, have yet to receive Grammy nominations. Meek’s remarks underscore the disparities and challenges faced by artists outside the mainstream industry.

Furthermore, Meek took a moment to celebrate the achievements of Lil Durk, acknowledging his long journey in the music industry and his recent Grammy win for “All My Life.” This acknowledgment reflects Meek’s support for fellow artists and his recognition of their contributions to the rap genre.

Meek’s outspoken stance adds to a growing chorus of voices within the hip-hop community expressing dissatisfaction with the Grammy Awards. As artists continue to advocate for transparency and fairness in the music industry, Meek’s words serve as a reminder of the ongoing need for reform and recognition of diverse talent.

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