Meek Mill Is Scouting Out African Collaboration

Meek Mill, renowned rapper and philanthropist, has recently expressed his interest in collaborating with African artists, seeking input from his fans on Twitter/X. The artist posed a question to his followers, asking for suggestions on which African artist he should team up with for an entire album, confidently asserting his ability to complete the project within a mere two weeks.

This announcement follows Meek Mill’s curiosity about the popularity of his music in South Africa, prompting him to inquire about the platforms through which his music is enjoyed in the country. However, the rapper’s unconventional question received a humorous response on social media, with fans playfully describing unique ways of experiencing his music, involving elephants, giraffes, and even mermaids.

Despite the lighthearted banter, Meek Mill has been no stranger to Twitter/X controversies. Fans recently challenged his claim of having earned over $100 million throughout his career. Undeterred, the rapper staunchly defended his achievements, emphasizing his contributions to the community, family, and criminal justice reform.

As Meek Mill explores new horizons by reaching out to African artists for collaboration, the music industry eagerly awaits the potential fusion of diverse sounds and cultural influences that could emerge from this cross-continental venture.

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