Meraki Is Set To Release Official Music Video Halloween Town

Meraki is a pop artist from Jupiter, Florida. Meraki has been picking up momentum in the Florida music scene with his flashy music and style.Meraki started creating music 2 and a half years ago, and just released his first EP called “GreenGrass”. After recently featuring in notable magazines such as Gen Z Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop weekly,  being aired on Hot 105 mainstream radio, having a commercial for 103.5 the beat iHeartRadio and a national TV interview with teenkidsnews aired on ABC, Meraki has been climbing the ladder fast. But still to this date Meraki’s biggest single to date “Halloween Town”, which was originally released in 2019, has been gaining a lot of attention recently so Meraki has decided to finally shoot an official music video for it and it is coming out in a few days. 

“He was inspired to write this song from all the bad things he’s done in his lifetime. He talks about his actions coming back to haunt him, how he would have these bad dreams and didn’t know where they came from, waking up out of his sleep sweating, and scared because the feeling was so real, he would tell himself this is something he shouldn’t be going through. His mind was corrupted by darkness which is where he got the name Halloweentown, like the Disney Channel movie. He talks about wanting to break out of this cycle of evil like he stated in the song “I just want to have a normal life but it’s parked, see the demons wrapped inside of the dark and everywhere I go it gets a little harder”. Meraki felt like he was stuck in his old ways and god was trying to punish him; he even felt like he didn’t have a purpose on this earth. He insisted no matter what happens he’s going to continue to push through whatever interferes in his path even if all he continues to see is Halloween. The end of the song speaks of Meraki finding faith in God or higher power believing that he could pull him out of any situation. Meraki said in the song “ if you wanna party with the monsters you can go ahead they will not stop while you’re asleep you’re exchanging numbers but don’t tell anyone I found love” basically stating if you guys want to continue to go down this path you can go ahead but I need to change my lifestyle because the monsters won’t.”


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