Metro Boomin’s ‘Heroes & Villains’ Claims Spotify Throne from 50 Cent’s Classic

Metro Boomin, the St. Louis maestro of beats and rhythms, has ascended to a lofty pinnacle in the realm of rap. His 2022 masterpiece, “Heroes & Villains,” has surged past the legendary debut of 50 Cent, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” on Spotify’s list of most-streamed rap albums. In a data update shared by Chart Masters, Metro’s opus boasts an impressive 4,379,300,317 streams, edging out 50 Cent’s trailblazing classic with 4,367,041,925 streams.

But Metro’s conquest doesn’t halt there. Dr. Dre’s groundbreaking “2001” is the next milestone in his sights, with a staggering 4.4 billion streams looming on the horizon. Surpassing industry giants like Drake and Kanye West, Metro’s dominance on Spotify is a testament to his musical prowess and widespread appeal.

However, Metro’s success isn’t solely lining his own pockets. Erick Sermon, the savvy owner of his own publishing, revealed staggering earnings from Metro’s collaboration with 21 Savage and The Weeknd on the hit track “Creepin’.” With intricate sampling that pays homage to classics like EPMD’s “You’re a Customer,” Sermon rakes in a staggering $720,000 annually, showcasing the enduring power of musical legacies.

As Metro Boomin continues to rewrite the rap history books, his influence extends beyond the charts. In a world where authenticity often contends with commercialism, Metro remains a beacon of innovation and integrity. With each beat drop, he reaffirms his status not just as a hitmaker, but as a cultural icon pushing the boundaries of modern music.

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