Miami, Florida Based Rapper Big Drakula Is Starting To Create A Buzz

Miami, Florida-based rapper Big Drakula has been making music since he was a kid. He started with the Vamp Life EP, and since then, he has been creating Latin Trap music that is inspired by Chief Keef. Big Drakula has no features with any artist yet, but he would love to work with Anuel. He is not signed to any label, but he wants a distribution deal.

Big Drakula’s biggest supporters are his fan base in Latin countries, and he writes his own material. He also creates his music video concepts. His favorite music to listen to is Cuban reparto reggaeton, and he is currently working on a music video. After that, he plans to drop a mixtape in March.

The rapper’s latest release is “Cruza,” and he plans to perform in Cuba someday. He has never performed in front of a crowd yet, but he hopes to go on tour with YovngChimi and Ovi. Big Drakula produces his own music, and he sees himself as rich and happy in five years.

Based on this interview, Big Drakula is a relatively new artist who is still trying to make a name for himself. He has not yet performed in front of a large crowd, but he has a dedicated fan base in Latin countries. He writes his own music, produces it himself, and creates his own music video concepts, which shows that he is a multi-talented artist.

Despite not having any features with other artists, Big Drakula has a clear vision of who he wants to work with in the future. He wants a distribution deal, which shows that he wants to maintain creative control over his music. His dream to perform in Cuba and go on tour with YovngChimi and Ovi suggests that he has ambitious goals for his career.

Overall, Big Drakula is a promising artist who is passionate about Latin Trap music. He has a lot of potential and could potentially be a successful artist in the future. It will be interesting to see how his career progresses over the next few years, and whether he can achieve his goals and become a rich and happy artist.

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