Michael K Helps Asian Americans Find Love

Michael K. helps Asian Americans and other minorities deal with stereotypes and find footing on dating in the western world.  When it comes to dating, a lot of Asian Americans have limiting beliefs that hold them back when it comes to meeting people outside of their own race.  Some of this is due to Asian parenting, some of this is due to not fully integrating to the new culture.  In the Asian culture, we are taught to be respectful, humble, quiet, not stir the pot.  However, in dating these traits put yourself at a disadvantage.  To become successful in meeting the woman of your dreams, you have to put yourself out there.  Put your best self forward, and in a way promote yourself.  Michael K.  has been helping Asian men one weekend at a time.   He would take them to gyms, teach them American pop culture, humor, take improv comedy, as well as fashion improvement.  Dating is a skill and requires practice.  Unfortunately, it was never taught in schools.  What’s funny is most Asian parents will actively discourage their sons from dating before or during college but then yet after be confused and wonder why they aren’t married yet.  In Michaels program, he accelerates the learning, compressing decades of social interaction to just a few months and help you with the entire dating funnel from approaching to going on dates, to something even more.

Dating coach Michael K.  from PickupAlpha.com helps a client find the woman of his dream.  The idea of meeting your future wife randomly at a mall seems unfathomable but that’s exactly what happened on this dating boot camp.  You never know where your future wife is and that’s why you must be prepared because you could meet her at any time. During the boot camp Michael’s client saw the girl walking up the escalate and wanted to approach but was scared because she was with the mom.  Michael ended up talking to the mom while the client talked to his girl.  It turned out both the mom and the client were both nurses and the mom was instantly happy with the man talking to her daughter.  Ultimately they exchanged contacts, started dating 3 months later and eventually got married 3 years later.   He is Chinese and she was Latina.  They had wedding that included a trip in China as well as the actual wedding in Mexico.  Michael was invited to Mexico for his wedding and did a talk on how they met. 

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