Multi-Genre Artist DirtyFWhite Talks Music and More

1. Who is DirtyFWhite?

DirtyFWhite is a moniker that describes my artistry. It’s become synonymous with my creativity, my passion, my influences, and my drive. DirtyFWhite also pays homage to Lil Wayne, one of my favorite artists of all time! 

2. Where Did you get the name Dirty F White?

So originally, I had some friends that started calling me that, my buddy Scott was the main one. He drew the name from a Foreigner song entitled “Dirty White Boy”. I wasn’t too fond of the name initially and I kept telling people “Naw man don’t call me that”…but it spread like wildfire amongst my friend group and fans I already had, and finally I decided to quit fighting it and just use it to my advantage. I added the F in the middle as a tribute to Lil Wayne, because he always used to call himself Weezy F Baby.

3. Your One Sheet says that you are a multi-genre artist exactly what does that mean? 

It means I’m a crossover artist. I have and will continue to make music with multiple influences, sounds and sonic variations. I have songs that are heavily Jazz influenced. I have songs that are purebred piano ballads. I have songs that are heavily metal-dominated and are aggressive as hellllll. I can sing, rap, produce, compose, arrange, and perform my own instrumentals. All under the same roof. Shoutout to CBT STUDIOS for giving me a place to progress musically and spiritually. If you go on my page right now, you’ll find multiple genres across my discography. There’s something for everyone. 

4. Which Genre do you lean towards the most?

As of recently, l be been dabbling heavily in metal. I’m sitting on multiple tracks that are heavier than anything I’ve ever worked on. Also, moonlighting on the side with some beautiful piano ballads. Covers of classic songs have been flooding my streaming sites and will continue to do so!

5. It also states that you are from North Carolina which is considered the south what time is being like they are how do people in the south relate to you doing Southern music? 

There’s been some hate, no doubt, just in general, and thats to be expected.. My image is constantly evolving, so naturally, there’s also been a lot of comparisons made. I naturally get compared to Eminem for my rap prowess but as time as gone along, more of the multigenre stuff has started happening in my career so I get compared to Bruno Mars alot, Anderson .paak as well. One thing I haven’t seen though, has been any particular comments about me being Southern. Anybody with ears can tell I’m southern, and there’s a ton of amazing southern music leading the way before me, so I definitely haven’t been shushed or shunned for being southern, that I can remember. 

6.  After opening up for several artists which one did you have the most fun opening for?

Definitely Juvenile of the hot boys, at the Greenfield Lake Amphitheaterin Wilmington, NC. The crowd was super lit and they were vibing with us heavy. Plus I got the chance to share the stage with my great friend and collaborator Breeze Davis, along with Tut Grady and other talented performers.

7. What platforms is your music available on?

All streaming platforms. Apple music, Spotify, Google Play, Audiomack, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it. Just Google DirtyFWhite and it’s all over the place.

8. What artist is your biggest influence?

Hmmmm. That’s a rough one to answer. Probably Lil Wayne for starters, he was a huge influence towards hiphop and rap in my early career. Royce Da 59, Anderson .paak, Eminem, Hopson, Jarret Benton, Tech N9ne, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Blackstreet, Justin Beiber, Michael Buble, YnB Cordae, WuTang, D12, BIG Krit, Andre 3k, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Cyhi the Prince, T.I., Kanye, Kid Cudi, etc etc the list goes on and on.

9. What are your plans for 2022?

Hitting several key tour dates with my management team. Shoutout to Shawn Bonner and Anthony Burkett, those guys have put in a massive amount of work for the sake of our team and they’re awesome folks. I plan on producing a massive amount of music in 2022 as well, thanks to my brothers at CBT STUDIOS, Bobby Dollaz and Young Will. Collaborations are on the way as well with Wilmington NC artist TVM Killa, as well as songs with 1090 Trigg, the Beach Bumz and several others. 2022 is a year for public performance, massive upgrades in sound and image, Collaborations with fashion brands and more. I cant wait to show you guys more.

10. Do you see acting in your future?

Absolutely. I would love to get into it. Acting has been something I’ve always dabbled in, doing voice-overs, etc. It has to make sense though, obviously. Music is my priority and if there’s an acting role that collides, we’re gonna focus on the music. An acting role would really make my day though hahaha. I would love to act. Send the roles my way lol.

11. How would you describe your style of dress?

I like streetwear honestly. I normally rock hoodies and skater tees, but then I have days where I’ll wear a collar and dress up nice. Still gotta keep the Air Max 90’s though! It’s super eclectic I guess. A mix of business casual and streetwear. I strongly dislike ties tho. Very rarely will you catch me wearing a tie.

12. What inspired you to record the song reasons?

I wrote Reasons at age 19 with a broken heart, sitting on a picnic table with an acoustic guitar. It eventually got transposed to piano and that’s become my favorite version. I lost the girl I love because I refused to put down my pride and admit I cared about her. I was too focused on avoiding relationships and love and it cost me dearly. The song outlines some of the agony I endured during this loss and basically clings to the premise that ignorance is bliss. If you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear the pain in my soul and ever since it was written, that song has spoken volumes about the fate of the lost and the lonely.

13. Please tell us where people can follow  and find more of your music ?

Please follow me on all streaming platforms by searching “DirtyWhite”, all one word. All social media’s are @dirtyfwhite, across the board. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and I’m honored to be featured on your platform. For Booking or Media contact my publicist Tara

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