Music Has Its Roots in The Soul – “Eunoia” Artist Alekssy

More than being words strung together to form a song and musical instruments tying together the piece, music is a deep-rooted emotion that many cannot explain in words. According to Alekssy, this is because music has its roots in the soul. For artists, their music comes from a profound part of themselves. An expression of sentiments that even they can’t unpack otherwise. To the listener, music is an otherworldly connection that gives people a sneak view of what soothes their souls.
Alekssy explains that regardless of genre, you should experience a connection to the words, the melody, or both every time you listen to music. Alekssy explains that music is a refuge that he escapes to and helps express words that he wouldn’t know how to say. Music is universal because of its ability to transcend all barriers, including those we have put up ourselves. Alekssy further explains that even the most closed-off person in the world has a favorite song or genre, music that speaks to them.
The world is a difficult place to navigate, and it is even harder to find genuine understanding. The fast-paced nature of everyday life has also made it quite difficult for people to make connections; however, music steps in as a companion and a conversation starter during lone moments. Music is that understanding companion that will never judge you and always knows the right words to say when you need them.
Music has the ability to light the darkest parts of your soul, take hold of your being, and tide you through any situation. Alekssy explains that the firm grip of music in the soul is a source for many memory triggers throughout a person’s life. Certain tunes or words trigger some memories. Once you stumble across that song, genre, or artist whose music grows roots in your soul, you are transported to a whole new dimension and a renewed appreciation for life as a whole.

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