OG Tec: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Through Music

In the heart of Augusta, Georgia, OG Tec, also known as Chris May, has carved his path in the music industry with a distinctive style and a powerful message. His journey is not just about creating music; it’s about breaking generational curses, securing a future for his family, and connecting with people on a profound level.

Highlights of a Remarkable Career: One of OG Tec’s proudest moments is collaborating with the legendary Krayzie Bone, Jehery Robinson, and Lil KeKe. These partnerships have not only showcased his talent but also marked significant milestones in his career.

Defining Style and Sound: OG Tec’s music is a blend of uptempo rap, driven by the heartbeat of hi-hats. Hailing from Georgia, his sound resonates with a Southern rap vibe, often likened to the fast-paced styles of Memphis and the Midwest.

A Voice for the Unheard: What sets OG Tec apart is his ability to speak for those behind the four walls—the ones grappling with PTSD, anxiety, pain, and struggle. Having faced life-threatening situations himself, he brings a raw authenticity to his music that connects deeply with listeners.

Collaboration and Teamwork: For OG Tec, collaboration is about sharing ideas and creating a collective vision. Whether working with fellow artists or trusted producers, the key is alignment with the overarching vision. His career has seen both independent ventures and collaborative efforts, emphasizing the importance of a united team driven by a shared purpose.

Proud Achievements and Motivations: Having worked with notable artists like Krayzie Bone, Jehery Robinson, Fiend, and Lil KeKe, OG Tec takes pride in creating music that resonates with his supporters. His motivation stems from the unwavering support of his fans, a driving force that fuels his passion for years to come.

Navigating Challenges in the Music Game: Like any artist, OG Tec has faced challenges, from team dynamics to business intricacies. His resilience shines through as he emphasizes the need for contingency plans and adaptability in the ever-evolving music industry.

Engaging with the Community: OG Tec actively engages with his fan base through live sessions, social media interactions, and regular updates. Recognizing the integral role of social media, he ensures a strong online presence to keep his supporters informed and connected.

Next Single: “Out The Way” – Dropping 2/23: OG Tec’s upcoming single, “Out The Way,” is set to release on 2/23, promising a continuation of his unique style and impactful storytelling.

Future Collaborations: While currently having a distribution deal with Ingrooves, OG Tec remains open to collaborations and building with other teams. For him, it’s not just about individual success but the collective growth of the industry.

OG Tec’s music can be found on Apple Music, a testament to his journey and commitment to making meaningful contributions to the hip-hop scene. As he continues to break barriers and inspire, OG Tec stands as a beacon of authenticity and resilience in the world of music.

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