Pontiac Born Rapper ArJay Is NEXT UP!

Upcoming Christian Hip-Hop Artist ArJay based in Michigan is on his way to stardom. Known for being a pillar of his community and releasing popular records such as, “Dreams Come True” and “Purpose” (both of which are on his “March Baby” EP), ArJay is just getting started. His melodic sounds are very refreshing and his slick lyricism may go over some heads, but what he has been able to do creatively is quite amazing. We asked him how he got his musical start, and he said, “It started off as poetry/spoken word back when I was in high school. I would take lyrics and put them in book form on this site called Wattpad…I don’t even know if it still exists honestly haha. But this site was really where I started compiling ideas and concepts, and people seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t want to start actually recording music until I felt like my voice was polished enough to rap on a track, so I practiced rapping and hearing myself. After I felt like I was ready, I started recording in 2018.” Still very fresh in the game but ready to make a major impact.

Fall of 2022 he put on a concert in his hometown to celebrate the release of his EP, “March Baby” and to say it was a success would be an understatement. He had Openers such as DEON, Marqus Anthony and more! DEON says that, “the moment I heard him I said to myself, “Oh he can sing lol”, his melodic flows made it evident that singing was something he really enjoyed and incorporated that in his rap stuff”. ArJay went on to have an amazing set and was met with a lot of love from his peers. Anything is possible for ArJay, he is loved and supported by his friends and family and his character is heavily vouched for. He is one of the most exciting young artists to watch as we walk into 2023.


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