Pop From Da Barbershop Is Still In The Game

Pop From Da Barbershop who was born in Brooklyn, New York made his world wide debut when Biggie Smalls mentioned him on his record “Warning” from Ready To Die which was released in 1994. 
“Who the fuck is this, pagin’ me at 5:46 in the morning?
Crack of dawn and now I’m yawnin’
Wipe the cold out my eye
See who’s this pagin’ me and why
It’s my nigga, Pop from the barbershop”

Pop owns a barbershop on Rockaway & Hull Street in Brooklyn, where everybody used to hang out, get cuts and gamble. Years later even after the passing of legendary artist Notorious B.I.G, Pop continues to stay relevant in the hip-hop scene and culture, but he first got his start in the industry from Biggie Smalls, Smoothedahustler & Trigger tha Gambler and other rappers Like M.O.P, and Papoose. Currently Pop serves as a middle man in getting in contact with artists such as Cassidy Da Hustla, Vado, Dave East, and helps other artists reach platforms on Hot 97 with DJ Wallah. He does bookings from NY all the way to ATL. Stay tuned for what Pop has in his shop and be sure to follow him on Instagram! @therealpopfromdabarbershop

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