RealAndExplicit: An Artist Redefining the Sound of Hip-Hop

RealAndExplicit, the Maryland-based artist, is quickly gaining recognition for her unique sound that blends the alternative side of trap hip-hop with pop. Influenced by artists like Rihanna, Rico Nasty, and Missy Elliott, RealAndExplicit’s music is all about being confident, real, and walking in your truth.

In an interview, RealAndExplicit spoke about her creative process, where she revealed that it’s all about the vibe of a beat. She said, “It depends on what comes to me first, whether it’s a simple melody or hook or a few lyrics.” This is evident in her latest single, “Scallywag,” which came out of the blue, with no beat yet or anything. RealAndExplicit just had this catchy hook in her head, and then it burned.

RealAndExplicit is known for her collaborations and features, and she is featured on an all-female mixtape hosted by Rel Carter, Jay Z’s nephew, and former A&R director of RocNation. She uses social media and online platforms to promote her music and engage with her fans, remaining grateful for them.

RealAndExplicit’s music is authentic and individual, and she balances her personal life with her music career by staying organized. One of her biggest milestones was moving to Atlanta, which helped her achieve and reach for a lot more.

RealAndExplicit has long-term goals and aspirations of becoming a global artist and award-winning. She wants to continue to build her business to be able to give back and service the independent artist and small business community. Her music aims to bring hope, light, and fun vibes to the listeners. – @realandexplicit

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