Rise of Apollo!

Apollo, also known as Noah, is a hip hop artist originally from Roseville, California, and now resides in north Texas. He has released a plethora of music since 2018 and has been producing music since 2017. The year 2022 came around and he decided to purge his major discography, taking down over 15 total projects. Leaving but 1 remaining under the title of ‘Cosmos Highway’ which was the ending to the storyline of every past project, though it might not stick around forever.

    Shortly after that, he released a collab album with his best friend ‘C-X’, also known as Christian, that was 18 tracks long called ‘Our Little Universe’. Fast foward to nowadays and Apollo’s most recent album ‘Tortuga’ was the best release yet, having nothing but the grittiest dustiest desert themed boom bap you have ever heard. Last but no least the most recent release by Apollo was ‘SONGS TO PLAY IN THE DARK’ and was a special halloween EP release.

    Apollo’s next release will be an album, to be announced of course, no spoilers or leaks! All of his music is inspired mainly by Logic and Action Bronson, and will sometimes experiment with the more boom bap style of $uicideboy$. And with that comes the dream of him wanting to have them be a feature or to feature on one of their songs. Apollo is having a music video idea come to life some time in the near future, for the track ‘AM – (Feat. Distraction)’.

    To any record labels or artists looking to sign on or work with Apollo, you won’t be disappointed. He puts in the most effort out of any new rapper in this generation, has such a unique sound and style, and has the biggest passion for music you will ever know, it’s all Apollo can think about. Thank you for taking the time to read, check out Apollo’s releases on spotify, apple music, and anywhere else you listen to your music.


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