Rising Hip-Hop Artist ‘Feezy350’ Is No Force to Be Reckoned with in the Music Scene

Up-and-coming multi-talent Feezy350 is quickly becoming one of the most influential players in to come out of Florida. Although currently residing in California one never forgets where they’re originally from. The rapper’s passion for music is fast-growing, and his bond to quality music is thicker than blood. At this point, Feezy350 A.K.A. Goodbroda (A clear nod to his Entertainment Agency Goodbrodatv) can’t be denied in his quest to disrupt the music industry. The near-iconic industry vet has found great success in recent years. Given his rather unconventional past and everything that it has taken him to get to where he is today, we are in good faith the wave he’s riding won’t be taken for granted nor be slowing down any time soon. He has been making noise in countless cities across the America for quite some time now his skillset includes being both a rapper & producer along with wearing many other hats such as manager, street team worker, distributer and more. All this and more noted, KingFeezy350 is a very self-sufficient player in the music game and entrepreneur in the business world. In addition, the rapper has worked with other noteworthy celebrities, including T-Pain, B.O.B. Trick Daddy and countless others. Among others, being at the top of his music game, many fans have been eager to see what the formidable rapper and producer will be doing next in his transgressional contributions to the Hip-Hop communality.

KingFeezy350, A.K.A. Goodbroda of Goodbrodatv jumped onto the rap scene quickly and found a wave of early success. Feezy350 landed himself on deal different deals with EASPORTS in the year 2007. For many this would’ve been the chance they had always worked for and needed. For Feezy350, although both deals were successful; due to a jail sentence, he wasn’t able to capitalize on his then two greatest achievements. Nevertheless, this only further pushed him to greatness and when he got out 6 years later, he came out swingin! KingFeezy350 continues to further carry that energy, that spark to the music industry. His authenticity and lifestyle connect with people causing him to relate to anyone that’s a true hustler and passionate about either music or life itself. It’s safe to say that Feezy350 has the confidence, the mindset, and the talent together to just maybe be the next great positive impact needed in this industry today.

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