Robbie NYC Proves Himself On New EP “444”

Brooklyn-born music producer Robbie NYC has released a new EP titled “444,” continuing his consistency in 2021. Following his previous work titled “333,” Robbie NYC enjoys working with versatile, new artists and exploring different subgenres such as “melodic drill songs.” Since 2014, Robbie has been honing his craft, with the rise of drill music becoming increasingly popular in NYC. He has now taken the reins to become one of the best music producers in the game.

One of the memorable tracks on “444” is “Spinning,” which features the heavy new drill sound. As Robbie enters the next phase of his career, he is now becoming an artist manager as well. He has opened up his own music recording studio in Brooklyn called TopTier 24/7, catering to all artists. With his own recording studio, Robbie can help other artists while also focusing on developing new sounds.

Robbie NYC’s dedication to his craft has made him a standout in the music industry. His passion for music production and his willingness to explore new sounds has helped him to establish himself as one of the best producers in the game. He has worked with various artists and explored different genres, which has enabled him to create a unique sound that is all his own.

With the release of “444,” Robbie NYC has proven that he is not afraid to evolve and explore new sounds. His dedication to his craft and willingness to collaborate with new artists is evident in his work. As an artist manager, he is now in a position to help other artists achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

TopTier 24/7, Robbie NYC’s newly opened music recording studio, is a testament to his commitment to the music industry. With this new studio, he can help other artists develop their skills and create new sounds. His passion for music production is contagious, and he is sure to inspire the next generation of artists.

In conclusion, Robbie NYC’s consistency and dedication to his craft are commendable. With the release of “444” and the opening of his own recording studio, he has shown that he is committed to exploring new sounds and helping other artists achieve their goals. Robbie is a standout in the music industry, and his future is bright. Fans of his work can expect more exciting releases and collaborations from him in the future.

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