Savage2.2 – Bringing Energy to Fans with His Music 

Savage2.2, the rising music star from Buffalo, NY, is known for his unique style and ability to captivate audiences with his music. With a deep passion for music and a desire to help his family and people, Savage2.2 is committed to making a positive impact in the world through his music. Despite admitting that he needs to work on his vocals and stage presence, Savage2.2 is a gifted singer and performer who knows how to bring energy to his fans. His music is designed to touch people’s hearts and make them feel the energy of his music. In the coming year, Savage2.2 is focused on following his dreams and continuing to create and release music that resonates with his fans. He is currently working on dropping more music videos to promote his music and build his fanbase. As a musician, Savage2.2 draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Tupac, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, and Lil Wayne. He sees himself as someone who is in the industry to help his family and people. Savage2.2’s contact information is readily available for anyone who wants to connect with him. He currently does not have a manager but is looking to network with other rappers to further promote his music and build his brand. Overall, Savage2.2 is a talented musician with a bright future ahead of him. He is committed to making a positive impact in the world through his music and bringing energy to his fans. With his dedication and talent, it’s no surprise that Savage2.2 is poised for even greater success in the future. 


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