Scotty Huss – A Name The Music World Should Get Familiar With

Rapper Scotty Huss is fast becoming known as the guy that every upcoming rapper wants to be. The rapper is an independent artist based in Port Charlotte who has been working in the music industry as a self-contained musician for the past two years. A creator with total control over his vision, Scotty has always had that “do-it-yourself approach” when navigating the music field. Despite having never pursued a music career until recently, hip hop culture always resonated with him growing up. Icons such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Future and Jack Harlow were not just the inspirations for his personality and style, but they were also great artists to observe
Listening to his latest release, “Bad Habits”, you’d be convinced the rapper is set to take over the rap airwaves pretty soon. Scotty hopes to build a fan base of people who can resonate with his style and energy with the energy he spreads. As he’s currently working on an EP and an album for this year, it’s an excellent time for people who have discovered him to see how much he will grow with his upcoming projects.

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