Scotty V’s Highly Anticipated New Album

Meet the newest rap star from Chicago, Illinois, Scotty V. Scotty V started his music career while he was going through a difficult time in his life. In jail, he was blessed with a pen and from there, his music took off. His goal within the music industry is for his followers to carry a message of recovery and to bring real rap back to life. 

When we asked Scotty V why he makes music, he replied, “Music is my new high so I bring it raw and in-cut. I live this life, so I dropped 35 more on the V album. After this project dropped, it  put me at almost 150 tracks within the last year.” As if that wasn’t enough of an accomplishment, Scotty V’s addiction track hit over 150 countries worldwide!

Scotty V’s hardest obstacle to overcome was battling his Heroin addiction. But, he hasn’t let his past affect his future. His new music, the whole 9 EP , dropped on July 8th. He is not currently signed to a label, but typically he works with Strapdon Machiavelli beats along with Moskie baby, who is also his engineer. He credits his biggest musical inspiration to Kevin Gates and in the future, he would like to collaborate with MoneybagYo on a single. 

When it comes to his music, Scotty V would like his listeners to take away a message of hope. He told us, “I’ve been blessed with a dark past, but without it I would have nothing to write about.” To find out more about him and his upcoming music, check out his website and Instagram

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