SCYTHER: A Rising Star in Music’s Multiverse

Music has the incredible power to transcend boundaries, and young artists like SCYTHER, hailing from the small town of McAllen, Texas, are making waves across genres with their extraordinary talent and creative spirit. SCYTHER, known for their stage name stylized in all caps, is a musical prodigy who has been crafting their unique sound since the age of eleven. In this article, we will delve into their remarkable journey, inspirations, and aspirations.

A Humble Beginning:

SCYTHER’s musical odyssey began at a tender age. At the age of 11, they started uploading their creations to SoundCloud, quickly gaining recognition for their innovative approach to music. Their first released song, “stay,” produced by anticøn, showcases their early foray into alternative rock, revealing a depth of emotional expression rare for someone so young.

Versatility is the Key:

What sets SCYTHER apart is their willingness to explore diverse musical styles. They’re unafraid to experiment with various genres, whether it’s alternative rock, underground rap, or any other sounds that inspire them. This versatility enables them to continually surprise their audience and keep their music fresh.

A Pantheon of Inspirations:

SCYTHER draws inspiration from a plethora of artists, ranging from the legendary Nirvana to contemporary stars like XXXTentacion, BONES, and $UICIDEBOY$. Their ability to flow seamlessly across genres is a testament to the diverse influences that shape their music.

Independent and True:

Unlike many artists today, SCYTHER has chosen to remain independent, avoiding the pitfalls associated with major record labels. They understand the importance of creative freedom and control over their work. Should they consider a label, it would have to align with their vision of preserving artistic integrity.

Supportive Collectives and Loyal Fans:

SCYTHER has been fortunate to collaborate with fellow artists like Kartoon Slumber and members of collectives UGLY GXNG and F.N.B. These collaborations have allowed them to grow and expand their horizons as a musician. Their fans on SoundCloud have been a pillar of support, further encouraging their musical exploration.

Evolving and Expanding:

As we look to the future, SCYTHER’s plans are as diverse as their music. They contemplate releasing an EP or an album, and fans can expect something truly exceptional. Their latest release, “FUCK 12,” is a testament to their ability to tackle important societal issues through their art.

A Vision for Tomorrow:

In five years, SCYTHER envisions themselves as an 18-year-old artist with a massive following and a wealth of experience. Their hope is to master every genre of music and perhaps even create a genre of their own, expanding the boundaries of musical expression.

Connect with SCYTHER:

For those who want to keep up with SCYTHER’s journey, their music and updates are available through this Additionally, you can follow them on Instagram at scyther3000.

In conclusion, SCYTHER is an artist who exemplifies the boundless possibilities within the world of music. With their unwavering commitment to creative freedom, an ever-growing list of inspirations, and a penchant for experimentation, they are poised to inspire countless others on their own musical journeys. As SCYTHER’s music evolves, so too does their power to transcend borders and unite a world through the universal language of music.

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