ShawnJeezy – The Rising Star from Sacramento

ShawnJeezy, also known as TrueStoryShawn, is a rising star from Sacramento, California. With his bouncy flow, maximum wordplay, and metaphors, ShawnJeezy’s musical style is unique and captivating. He draws inspiration from artists such as Bris, Lil Wayne, and NoCap, which has helped shape his music and sound.

ShawnJeezy’s creative process is simple yet effective. He finds a dope beat and plays it over and over until he finds a good flow pattern that fits his style. He often freestyles to himself or out loud to find the right flow. His music focuses on a shark theme, which he incorporates into almost every song. The message he tries to convey through his music is to never give up, no matter what.

His latest EP, “REBIRTH,” dropped on May 22nd, 2022. The inspiration behind the project was a transition in his life where he made a decision that changed the way he lived. He realized that he was built to handle more than what life put in front of him. In his mind, he was reborn, and he looked at everything differently.

ShawnJeezy’s most known song is “Yugioh,” featuring the late Bris, the biggest rapper to come out of Sacramento. He has collaborated with various artists and features, but nothing came close to the success of “Yugioh.” ShawnJeezy’s raw lyrical content and obsession with writing keeps him inspired and motivated as an artist. He stays true to himself and maintains authenticity and individuality in his music.

ShawnJeezy uses social media and online platforms to promote his music and engage with his fans. He drops as much as possible to keep people’s attention and stay in their face with music and pictures. He also leaks unreleased music to build anticipation with followers on top of engaging in the comment and DM messages.

ShawnJeezy’s long-term goals and aspirations are to do a song with NoCap, take his independent record label to an industry level, and be one of the biggest rappers in the world. He hopes listeners take away his creative wordplay and put him down as one of the best to do it.

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