Shugg Drops Official Music Video Arm & A Leg 

Up-and-coming rapper Shugg is becoming one of the most innovative rap artists in the history of Massachusetts. The rapper’s passion for music is fast-growing, and his bond to quality music is thicker than blood. At this point, Shugg’s goal to disrupt the music industry can’t be denied. The iconic rapper has always seen success in his career but in recent years he’s seen his results go through the roof! He has been making noise in Massachusetts for quite some time now. Shugg comes up with his concepts and is self-sufficient as an artist. In addition, the rapper has been receiving lots of love and praise for two of his recent single “Life in Order” X “Arm & Leg” Being at the top of his game, many fans have been eager to see what the formidable rapper and producer brings to the table in his rap world.

Life In Order

Arm & A Leg

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