Single Review: Edie Yvonne releases deliciously macabretrack ‘Darkness Bliss’ in time for Halloween

The story of friendship and betrayal, laced with a desire for vengeance, ‘Darkness Bliss’
feels exactly like the type of song you’d hear in the background of a modern-day teen
slasher flick.
14-year-old rising pop star Edie Yvonne has shared her latest single, ‘Darkness Bliss,’ just in
time for Halloween.
The artist, who hails from Los Angeles, has recently developed a massive reputation for
herself despite her young age. Edie has won praise for a string of singles, which she has
been dropping each month through 2023. These have included the Beatles-sounding
acoustic-pop track ‘In The Rain,’ the alternative-rock song ‘On Your Mind,’ the atmospheric
song ‘Stain,’ and the tongue-in-cheek way ‘Random Boy.’ All these songs capture Edie
Yvonne’s unique visual and audio aesthetic. With each song release, she delves beautifully
into precisely what it means to be a complicated teenager, with the result being songs full of
surprising wisdom and raw honesty.

As the name suggests, Edie Yvonne’s new single ‘Darkness Bliss’ tells the story of good
things gone wrong. Edie’s voice drips with longing as she recounts what she calls “a
dramatized tale of a fallen friendship.”

Edie truly has a way of painting dramatic snapshots in her songs. In the opening lines of
‘Darkness Bliss,’ she takes you right into the immediacy of a tense moment, singing:
“charming prince, I caught a glimpse in her eyes just last night.” This sets the scene for an
inevitable confrontation – and as the song progresses, it feels like you’re being led deeper
and deeper into the open window of the singer’s thoughts.
The crux of ‘Darkness Bliss’ is in the refrain, where Edie sings the lingering lines: “I know
what you did” to her now ex-friend. What’s beautiful about the lyrics here is that Edie doesn’t
have to spell out what the person in question did. She knows. Her ex-friend knows. The
listener knows – even if it isn’t spelt out for them. And if anyone’s left in any doubt, Edie
howls the rhetorical line: “How did he convince her?” moments later. The picture comes
through remarkably clearly. Add to all this the fact that the lo-fi production and anthemic
guitars work together, creating a frantic backdrop for Edie to lay out her exasperated lyrics.
As with Edie’s previous songs, ‘Darkness Bliss’ captures the dark, gloomy alternative-
pop that made artists like Billie Eilish so successful, but other things are happening here,

too. The alt-rock guitar riffs wouldn’t feel out of place in a Radiohead song, while Edie’s
vocals soar brilliantly, making her sound similar to Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell.
Beyond music, Edie has also emerged as a successful actress, having starred in several
short films, such as Chloe Sevigny’s Kitty, Lola: Girl Got A Gun, and At Ease. Fans who
enjoyed her previous single ‘Queen Bee’ can also expect a short film in the future, which will
go hand in hand with this song.

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