Single Review: How ‘Lifestyle’ paved the way for Brisbane artist Imthxfuture to become an emerging rap sensation

Few artists have been able to assert their status as ‘bona fide rap sensation’ quite as much as Brisbane artist Imthxfuture. As 2024 gets underway, we examine how his 2023 single ‘Lifestyle’ had a massive impact on fans, rap lovers, critics, and music industry figures.

(Imthxfuture & AB on Hot97 radio in New York)

Australian rap prodigy Imthxfuture was penning his first verses at just ten years old. 

The rising artist – who also became known as ‘Yung Future’ – had always known that he would make music, even if he wasn’t sure anyone would listen to him. 

His songs were incredibly well received, and Imthxfuture has been able to count on a dedicated – if modest – fanbase throughout his life. 

But his 2023 single ‘Lifestyle’ paved the way for him to emerge as a rap sensation. The song was his biggest hit to date and solidified that he was an artist with an eye for international, local, and national success. But we’re sure he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

‘Lifestyle’ hit hard with Imthxfuture’s fanbase, including new listeners discovering him. The template had already been set for this track a few months earlier, with the release of his previous single ‘Been Doin’, then it was reinforced again on his more recent track ‘Me & My Bro.’ All these songs and accompanying music videos boasted high production values. They all carried the same message: that Imthxfuture wasn’t just dabbling in making music; he was committing everything – artistically, financially, emotionally, and physically – into his art form.

He was doing this on the live music front, too.  Beyond his studio work, Imthxfuture tried to perform as much as he could. He played frequent shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and wider Australia – often performing twice a week if the occasion called for it. He was doing this without any booking agency whatsoever. He was doing it purely to make sure his dedicated fans got the chance to see him. 

‘Lifestyle’ helped Imthxfuture get noticed beyond Australia. As the artist relocated from his home in Brisbane to his new home in Sydney in mid-2023, music industry leaders contacted him to see if he’d like to work with them. Imthxfuture and his brother/manager went to the States anticipating what this could mean – but they were determined to be smart about how they did things. Having gained so much from being independent, they didn’t want to sign away their vision to a significant label that might restrict them. 

They eventually teamed up with the well-respected music manager Chris Clemenza, who understood their vision and who had worked with plenty of other artists whose independence he respected. Importantly, Clemenza spent the last few months of 2023 setting Imthxfuture up with several collaborators who could help him with his music and extend his public reach, like AB and Aboogie.

Flash forward to the present day. Imthxfuture has just come off the back of working with major artists like Antonio Brown and Jay Critch in Miami. Together, they’ve been cooking up a captivating few new music videos that will likely hold the key to the next part of Imthxfuture’s rise to the top. 

‘How I’m Living’ will be on February 15. There’s a lot of buzz about this single – and Imthxfuture himself is promising big things. 

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