Smooth as Silk, JS aka The Best offers insight into the future of Hip-Hop on Bossa Nova

A truly luxurious atmosphere adorns JS aka The Best’s stunner of an album “Bossa Nova”. The sheer focus on production perfection certainly feels reminiscent of Timbaland for there is quite a shiny, shimmering quality to the entirety of the album. Mixing live instrumentation alongside imagined textures certain aspects bring to mind Dr. Dre’s obsessive ear for detail. Unusual rhythms make good use of his skill as a percussionist. Parts of the beat-crafting bring to mind Dabrye’s fusion of electronica, jazz, and rap into something completely brand new. Clearly interested in experimentation while retaining that pop sensibility there is a lot to love about the flow of the album itself.

          The opener and title track “Bossa Nova” sets the tone for what follows, from the large flourishes that float up into the infinite to the heavy, bass-laden beats. Percussion has a highly creative, geometric tact to it on “Weatherman”. Elements of tech house emerge for “Everybody Wake Up” features a taut flexibility. An aural equivalent of a strut “Boss” incorporates some vaporwave aesthetics into the mix. Late-night afterparty elements define the chilled vibes of “Eat Good”. Pieces of dub techno and rapid sampling give “Sticky Icky” a duality to some degree. Quite surreal the wash of “View From The Top” finishes things on a high note.

          Such a wild uninhibited freewheeling approach JS aka The Best makes something truly memorable on the powerful “Bossa Nova”.

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