Snoop Dogg’s Smokeless Fire Pit Collaboration Creates Corporate Firestorm

Solo Brands, known for Solo Stove and other innovative products, is facing a corporate firestorm after its collaboration with Snoop Dogg took an unexpected turn. The rapper’s announcement to “give up smoke” turned out to be a strategic move to promote a limited-edition partnership with Solo Stove, leaving fans and critics alike in a haze of confusion.

The aftermath saw Solo Brands parting ways with its CEO, John Merris, and appointing Christopher Metz, former Vista Outdoor CEO, as the new head of the company. The decision was fueled by the viral stunt’s failure to bring the anticipated boost in revenues.

As fans grappled with the revelation, Snoop Dogg returned to his smoking ways, sharing an Instagram video featuring a custom 3D joint created by Sesh Farms. The joint, featuring a rolling paper bust of Snoop’s face, became a symbol of resilience and celebration, puffing away the controversy surrounding the smokeless fire pit collaboration.

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