Spoilers Ahead for the Season Finale of Raising Kanan

Fans rejoiced as it was revealed that Unique, thought to have met his demise at the hands of his brother Ronnie earlier in the season, was indeed alive and kicking. This revelation came as a relief to viewers who had been vocal about their dissatisfaction with Unique’s supposed demise, with one fan even going as far as canceling their Starz subscription in protest.

Joey Badass, who portrays Unique, revealed that even his own father joined the protest, canceling his subscription after weeks of uncertainty surrounding the character’s fate. “He’s a big fan of the show,” Joey shares. “But after Episode 6, he called me and said, ‘It’s been two weeks and they still ain’t find the body? I’m canceling my subscription.’ And he wasn’t alone in his sentiments.”

The outcry from fans underscored the impact Joey’s character has had since the show’s inception. Unique’s journey from rival to romantic interest alongside Raquel Thomas, played by Patina Miller, has resonated deeply with audiences. Despite a scheduling conflict that initially led to Joey’s departure from the show, discussions between him and creator Sascha Penn paved the way for Unique’s return, much to the delight of fans.

Reflecting on the overwhelming response to Unique’s faux demise, Joey remarks, “It definitely was an eye-opener for me. I always knew that Unique was somewhat of a fan favorite, but I think that became very evident and clear with the event of his hypothetical death.”

Executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, ‘Raising Kanan’ is part of the expansive Power Universe that has captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling and compelling characters. Joey emphasizes the collaborative effort behind the scenes, highlighting the talent and dedication of his co-star Patina Miller.

Speaking on his character’s relationship with Raquel, Joey praises Miller’s talent, saying, “Patina is such an incredible talent. Her greatness is contagious.” He acknowledges the chemistry between their characters and the evolution of their dynamic throughout the series.

As speculation swirls about what lies ahead for Unique in Season 4, Joey remains tight-lipped but optimistic about the future. “You never know what’s going to happen,” he teases, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Unique’s journey.

In a show known for its shocking twists and turns, Unique’s resurrection stands as yet another testament to the unpredictable nature of ‘Raising Kanan’ and the enduring impact of Joey Badass’s portrayal.

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