Stanisław Wyspiański inspired artist Bolli Blas to be seen at Art Expo New York

Art galleries were among the first venues to close their doors when the
pandemic hit. The lack of a means of selling their paintings hindered artists
who relied on these venues to display their work. Then Bolli Blas entered the
The Polish artist Bolli Blas will be featured in SKT’s online show Fake Space.
As her paintings were featured in our last two exhibitions in London, “Art at the
Theatre” and “Art Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning” at Paper Dress Vintage,
this is Bolli’s third collaboration with SKT Gallery. One of Bolli’s paintings was
displayed at Paper Dress Vintage directly next to the shop’s front window,
where it attracted the attention of numerous onlookers.
Bolli was born and raised in Poland’s Poznan before relocating to the UK in

  1. She recalls having two paintings by well-known Polish painters
    Malczewski and Wyspianski in her childhood home, which inspired her love of
    and respect for art.
  2. Career in painting

Landscapes and still life subjects were the subjects of Bolli’s classical
paintings when she first started out as an artist. However, she wanted her
paintings to reflect happiness and harmony after abandoning her corporate
career and seeing South America. With their large eyes staring directly at you,
Bolli’s infantile figurines have a tendency to catch people’s attention. Eyes,
lies, and surprise, according to Bolli, best describe her writing.
By making her new works more representative and tackling concerns of
equality and gender, Bolli is now advancing her discipline. Jesus, who appears
frequently in her writings, is someone whose gender can be interpreted as
either male or female.

  1. Time of Exhibition

In our online exhibition “Fake Space,” SKT is thrilled to present her pieces
“Beginnings,” “The Summer of Love,” and “Wilderness of Tomorrow.”
Beginnings depict two floppy-eared characters holding hands. It nearly feels
like hypnosis when you stare into their large, dark eyes for a while. The focus
of “The Summer of Love” is once again on the two characters’ eyes. In reality,
due to the background’s color tone blending with the characters’ outlines, the
bodies are hardly discernible. It’s possible to see something extremely similar
in “Wilderness of Tomorrow.” These three paintings’ titles represent promises
and hope. They advocate for a world in which people coexist peacefully.

Bolli and everyone else was taken aback when the epidemic broke out and
the galleries shuttered. “I understood that I had to take action. I understood
that simply adding my artwork to an internet portfolio wouldn’t be sufficient if I
still wanted to display it. I had to generate interest. She joined forces with
others to create ArtsyNFT, a brand-new online gallery of art. Customers can
purchase copies of the artist’s work online thanks to the usage of non-fungible
tokens (NFTs). No matter who purchases the art, other people can view and
download it, according to Bolli. “However, the owner has bragging rights and a
means of proving that they are the owner.”

  1. Value of Art for Her

Bolli has learned the value of having a fulfilling profession—or, as she puts it,
the labor of love—through her work. Her line of work has given her the
freedom to push boundaries, investigate, and develop her artistic talents. She
now enjoys recognition for her distinctive work on a global scale.
According to Bolli, the people she has encountered while traveling, as well as
her experiences and commonplace happenings, have a big impact on her
paintings. Her works of art communicate her utopian vision and are intended
to provide joy and peace to the observer. She intentionally gives her
characters brilliant eyes since they are the windows to the soul. They hold up
a mirror to society when they turn to face the observer.

  1. All About Projects

Bolli has a number of highly anticipated upcoming projects in addition to
performing with SKT. She will take part in “SKT goes to Nice,” South France,
alongside us as well as being presented at the ArtExpo in New York!

When examining contemporary culture and art in general, it becomes clear
that art has served as a means of expression for a large number of people, a
tool for social activity, and, at its core, a form of solace for creators like Bollis
who have so much to offer the world. Bolli is asking more individuals to
recognize the boundless chance to push boundaries and explore novel ideas
in order to alter the world through art. After all, all art is universal. To support
this, Bollis has been educating budding artists about art and the business. She
is eager to take her art to new places in order to explore new concepts.

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