Stop Stressing The Small Stuff

In the beginning, we all just start out for fun, or for the passion of creating something of our own. But as it goes on we end up realizing that we’re in too deep to stop, but not far enough to do something crazy or monumental. And that’s where most people quit or give up. But this is the journey, and to some, there are bigger things going on in their lives than devoting time, money, and pure willpower to something that may never be. Every artist goes through this phase, or even the mindset of knowing or simply just thinking, that they won’t make it. But just like everything else in life, this is just another mountain we have to climb in order to reach the benefits. It’s going to feel like you’re sliding down the mountain at times, but in reality… those are the most important times to look out for. See, the way I look at it is when there’s a period of time that I feel I’m “declining” or just at a standstill, I push myself to learn something new to incorporate into my music. 

And as I’ve said in past articles, I’m not anything special, I don’t have any number one hits or even any real songs with major placements. But that’s not stopping me from KNOWING I’m going to do something with this music thing. We all start off with nothing or little to nothing in this crowded “field.” But the one thing that sets most people apart is the fact that some live to learn, and some learn to live. If you learn how to produce because you want the benefits or the money, or all the girls, you’re more than likely to give up and move on to something “easier.” while on the opposite side, if you start making music or doing whatever your passion is, and you genuinely want to learn to get better, there’s nothing that can stop you. Because you will do what it takes to get what you want. Maybe you have to work a full-time job, and produce on the side, or go to school on top of all of that as I do. But at the end of the day, you are back in the studio perfecting your craft. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves, at the beginning, we all stressed or are currently stressed. But what’s the point? I know that’s not good advice, but truly stressing over underperforming when you start out isn’t worth it. See, when I started out I felt that I had to be as great as someone like Dre, or even Nick Mira based on tutorial videos. But the truth is that we aren’t born with this skill or this talent. But what comes with this skill or talent is also a lot of mental stress or anxiety… Which might inevitably break some bonds to some of those who are close to us or even might just drive us crazy. This advice might not be for everyone out there but for someone like me… This advice would have made me 100x more efficient or productive. Because I’ve lost a lot of friends and cut some ties due to thinking they were the cause of my stress, or the things they did were. But looking back, I packed my brain full of everything except showing love to those that meant the most to me. But the ones that stuck around were the ones telling me to take a break, and telling me to take a mental health day. And to those people who still show love, are coming with me to the top. Whether it’s business or music, I don’t plan on letting the stress stop me from making it there. 

-Joshua Aka JoHsU

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