Supa Peach Joins Spring Urban Fest and Black Hawk Management Group To Rock Out!

Spring Urban Fest has gained an extensive Database of influential artists in the Atlanta area and even nationwide. This will be a very special performance by an Atlanta superstar Supa Peach. The stage had been set, all we needed to do was get the openers on and off the stage so Supa Peach can rock out.

Blackhawk management group brought out press platforms, photographers, and videographers for this very special occasion. With their extensive network in the Atlanta area and nationwide gaining media outlets and quality image captures was sure not to be hard at all for Black Hawk. They had worked with Supa Peach in the past and know exactly what she likes On an exposure level.

Spring Urban Fest had also booked some of the best talent in the Atlanta area for this festive occasion. Names like Luh Dino, Lil Nunni, Neva Failin, Darrien Stl and many more. These performers were sure to put on a great opening show before Supa Peach took the stage. The crowd was untamable Before she even entered the venue.

Supa Peach took the stage since rush the stage insecurity had to hold them back. Blackhawk management group Owner, CeoGamble had to make sure the artists were protected at the moment, but there was nothing to worry about seeing that this was a very prestigious venue in Atlanta,

security was on point and expected this reaction to Supa Peach taking the stage.

Supa Peach would lead with one of her fan favorites “Cartier Vision”. Fans would chant the song word for word. The show would go excellent. Super peach would even give testimonies before she performed certain songs. For more images and videos from the performance please visit and

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