Swaggman Is Coming To America’s Music Scene! 

Rayan Sanches (ex Iteb Zaibet) also known as Swagg Man was born in Nice, France started music at the age of 14 as a DJ. He is French of Tunisian origin North Africa from his biological parents. Brazilian from his adoptive parents. He was adopted when I was 3 years old and he also had several foster families. In 2009 after being released from incarceration he decided to create a youtube channel. It was a success and he decided to call himself Swagg Man because of his passion for fashion and money.

Swaggman started making viral videos where he burned money, he would later serve jail time for these videos. Afterwards, he started to produce music under the name of his label S.W.M Entertainment. Swaggman has sold over 10 million units earning him 10 gold plaques in total. He has accumulated over 165 million views on Youtube. He released his first album “M.S.T” in 2014 which remained at the top of the charts in France.

Swaggman is known for his unique production as well as his flashy music videos. His song titled “believe in your dreams” garnered more than 20,000,000 views. He released three albums in total. Unfortunately, he spent several years in prison when he was wrongly accused then released by the courts and acquitted in 2022 after having served three years in prison.

Swaggman is bilingual he can speak English, Arabic, and French. He has music in all three languages. However he plans on releasing his upcoming singles in English only. Swaggman has made several TV appearances all over the world. In the United States for VH1, as well as in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Africa, and in Tunisia.

Swaggman has worked with several artists such as the great Brian Kennedy who is the producer of Rihanna who produced three hits that he plans on releasing very soon. He has also worked with one of the other Artist like Davix Foreman a very influential vocalist and music producer. He recorded a whole album in Los Angeles at the Famous Records studio. Other acts including Laioung, Dashius Clay, J stash and many others.

Swaggman is also involved in the fashion industry, he started a popular clothing line in France called Posey Bro.

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