Tao Asher’s Latest Tracks “Tuff” and “Down The Street” Are All Set to Rock the Music Industry.

For most of us, choosing a career path is a rather daunting task. For Tao Asher Enkin, the choice was easy. At 15, this teenager has not only decided on a career path, but he seems to have also cemented his success in his chosen career. In this free-wheeling chat with us, he talks about his work, his love for music, and his plans.

Why did you choose music as your career?

My childhood was filled with music. I am from Florida, and music is an integral part of our lifestyle. This was a natural choice. Also, I was exposed to professional artists at a very young age. 

What are your musical influences?

I love all kinds of music. I grew listening to artists like Eminem and Jay Z. I love hip hop and rap music.

Tell us about your recent compositions.

I have been working on two tracks, Tuff and Down the street. I am thrilled with the way they have turned out.

Has music come in the way of everyday life and education?

Yes, I don’t get to enjoy many things normal kids do. A significant portion of my time goes into creating music.

Are there any plans for the Tao Asher Enkin label?

I am younger than most artists in the industry. This gives me the unique advantage of being exposed to both musical styles of the previous generation and the upcoming, emerging musical styles of my era. I plan to bring in new styles of music. I don’t know about my label, but surely, the Tao Asher Enkin music label sounds good. It might be a reality someday.

Tao Asher’s musical journey has just begun. And already this young live-wire is making heads turn and take notice of him. We thank Tao Asher Enkin for his time and wish him all success.

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