Tatted Swerve on Why Collaborations between Artists Gear Everyone for Success

If music is the language of the world, artists are indeed the poets. While each may speak a different tongue in a different voice, when poets come together, they can harmonize new languages that can mesmerize the world. Such is the power of collaboration, and such is the power of artists. This is also what hip-hop and rap artist Tatted Swerve believes in.

Swerve is confident that if artists come together, music can ascend new levels. He follows the same idea with the melodies that he makes. His first single “Come Home”, a collaboration with Coi Leray, took the music charts by storm. In no time, Swerve established himself as a beloved musician with a melodic sound. The power of collaboration propelled his music and success to staggering heights. This strengthened his belief that in collaboration lies the raw power of music. Different perspectives, different styles can be brainstormed and harmonized into one powerful piece of music that can inspire millions – and with the millions, the artists themselves.

When an artist learns, he grows and so does his sound. Seeing through different lenses and going through different music processes are great learning experiences. The journey of a song goes through many artists – the lyricist, the vocalists, the instrumentalists, the engineer, the mixers, and many more. When these artists collaborate, they push each other to be better, thus achieving tremendous success together.

Tatted Swerve’s perspective on music stems from his early experiences of art. His grandmother was a professional painter, his mother was a jazz and soul artist, and his father played hip-hop and rap, the music of New York, frequently around the house. The blend of art forms and music styles helped Tatted Swerve develop his sound which is an intrinsic collaboration of the sounds of his life. Along with music, he also pursues painting and tattoo art. This collaboration has also enriched his art as a whole.

Today, Swerve is a successful musician, and so are the artists he collaborates with. Together, they advance through music and life. In a world of cutthroat competition, the artists who uplift each other rise gracefully to the top. By creating a patchwork of everyone’s strengths, the music that emanates is richer in melody. The Germans called it “Gestalt”; to Tatted Swerve, it is the collaborative power of music. 

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