Tesla Williams a.k.a. “Phfame” Made 100k Of Dancing Blows Up 

Tesla Williams is a 29 year old female a.k.a. “Phfame” made a living for herself after she lost her parents at a very young age. She graduated high school and went to college to try and do the right thing and earn a degree but the money was too slow and she had to take care of her family. She began to be a dancer. Her name got so huge from dancing that she only accepted exclusive club Hosting‘s that made her triple. After dancing 4 1/2 to 5 years in the club she made her first 100 grand and began to go onto a better route in life.

Immediately after Tesla stopped dancing she became a IG influencer and started doing Hosting‘s all over the world even in different countries. Tesla has a total of 12 siblings and 27 nieces and nephews That she looks after When needs to be. Her birthday is October 14, 1991 and she has gained 3.1 million followers on Instagram that has helped her become very successful in the world. From Hosting’s Promo to her on websites etc. She has even sold shirts and calendars in over 20 magazines; she specifically doesn’t do music videos. Tesla is clearly single right now and isn’t dating anyone and isn’t open to public dating. 

This year of 2022 Tesla has begun to flip houses, an investment she was taught by a close friend that can make her extra money. She has turned from dancing to hosting to now flipping houses. She currently has no kids and lives in Atlanta GA. Tesla is from Houston Texas. She loves traveling and shopping and doing outdoor events like going to the mall, movies etc. Tesla also is in the process of getting her real estate license in Atlanta Miami and LA. 

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