The Knoxville Hero: Meet Producer Ri

Hip-Hop Producer Ri is making major waves in the music industry. The Knoxville native is putting his community on his back and going after his dreams. He has so many different production styles but when asked who his inspirations are he said, “My inspirations are Scrim and Pierre Bourne because of they way they paved their own lanes and always did what they felt was right rather than following someone else.” Ri prides himself on originality, his production is heavily respected and even co-signed by artists such as Kaleb Mitchell, UnoTheActivist, MadeinTYO, and DEON to name a few. He talked about what it was like working with these guys and says, “It was surreal to have songs with people I grew up listening to. That validated the God given ability I was gifted with.”

Ri is currently in motion of releasing his highly anticipated Album and has his fans on the edge of their seats. The Double Album will be released April 8th and features a song titled, “Aint Enough” with Kaleb Mitchell. Ri even went as far as saying, “It’s the best song I’ve ever made and working with Kaleb was a dream come true.” Ri has been working endlessly and his hardwork is started to show promise. Stay tuned for the release of his album and more from Ri all year long. One of the Top Producers to watch in 2022.

Follow him On Instagram (@prodbyri)

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