The Talented Trio Shaking The R&B and Rap Music

Taneeeyah and Meniyah Biscette, popularly known as (TM Twins) started singing and dancing in talent shows a decade ago. Together with their sister Krislym Biscette they have formed a new R&B group called Cette 3. 

This Houston, TX trio all write music and are social media influencers representing brands and YouTube channels. They see Beyonce and Chris Brown as their mentors and would love to work with Young Bleu and Queen Naija and Monaleo. Their first song, ‘Chrismas With You,’ went viral, and Cette 3 is excited to share new music and continue performances.  

You can follow them on Instagram @cette_3, @tm.twins, @0fficial.krissy, @itzthatgirltee, and @official_niyahb, on TikTok at @therealtm.twins, @krislynnn.n, @itzthatgirltee0, and @official_niyahb, or YouTube at “TM Twins” and “Krissy With A K.

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