THEAMBERSMOKE Is The Next Major Female Hip-Hop Artist

Reminiscent of Lauryn Hill, THEAMBERSMOKE brings flavors of the old and the new in such a dope way.

Her single “Money Orders” feels so nostalgic and yet has that fresh 2022 production that gives the listener all of the vibes to feel swagged out to. 

What we noticed about Amber that’s different from other artists is that she takes a lot of the artist roles into her own hands. She styles herself, directs her videos, and even edits her music videos. In the lab – she records herself, writes her music, and choreographs her dancing. She is truly a visionary artist with a mind and talent like Kanye West.

Every few years a very special artist comes onto the scene and we believe that THEAMBERSMOKE is the next one to pop off. Amber said “All of my focus, attention and intentions are directed towards my craft. I am fully locked into creating the absolute highest creative product, in an out of the studio, as that is the only thing that truly lights up my soul”. 

Amber was sure to shout out her amazing team: Marc E. Williams – Who helps direct her videos, C-Ray: One of her main music producers. Her mother, Mama G, who is her sounding board and even helps with Promotion. And finally her irreplaceable manager Stylz. 

You can see that Amber is both independent and simultaneously team oriented, which we believe is a crucial factor to elevate this artist to unstoppable heights.

Check out TheAmberSmoke, and her single “Money Orders”below. We believe this one will hit 100,000 on Spotify in no time.

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