Today, Thoroughly Modern Musicians Stand Out

While the music industry has changed considerably – Justin Bieber was discovered on the internet, and that was seemingly decades ago given the many headlines he’s generated – technology has allowed more ways to create music, which is why GrowthwithMatty was able to record his first album, “Covid Dreams,” using a cell phone and a microphone, with no evidence of the desperate move heard in his music.

In order to get noticed, new musicians have to be ready for the immense changes that have been taking place, and they have to find ways to create and distribute their music in ways that are fresh and contemporary, making sure that that music has a modern style and sound.

GrowthwithMatty produced an album that was clean and modern, with depth and layers that would make it seem impossible for him to have done what he did.

But that feat of magic only illuminates what musicians are capable of when surrounded by tech, even the simplest, such as a cell phone.

Tech makes audiences more engaged

According to a study by the University of California at Riverside, technological changes have forever transformed the relationship between artists and their audiences. 1

Audiences are more engaged, and they have access to so much more music and other forms of art.

In the same way, artists such as GrowthwithMatty have a much wider available audience. The right kind of promotion can help him swiftly expand from the 100,000 or more Instagram followers he already has.

The release of his latest EP, “The Cold Life,” the second of two he produced in three months, showcases the differences between recording on a cell phone and recording in a studio, but neither one is anything but stylish, like a perfect outfit on “Project Runway,” something that looks effortless and not overworked.

In truth, both techniques work perfectly for the pieces he created, and showcased two different kinds of styles.

GrowthwithMatty takes advantage of many platforms

Music by GrowthwithMatty can be found all over the internet, on iHeartRadio, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube and YouTube Music, and TikTok, where his song is used as a backdrop for users’ videos.

It’s interesting that he’s successfully releasing instrumental music, even as classical is fading away. Though vastly different, both invite listeners to engage, to imagine their own stories with simply a song title and a melody.

Matthew – the man who became GrowthwithMatty – creates different moods with each of his songs, allowing listeners to drift away on their own imagination, and his modern, contemporary style gives him an edge over classical, which is rarely performed with the innovation it needs to maintain an important place in modern music.

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