Tony Yayo Returns with Refreshing Sound on New LP “The Loyal”

After almost two decades since the release of his commercially successful solo album “Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon,” Tony Yayo, a day one member of the defunct G-Unit, is back with a new 12-song LP called “The Loyal.” The LP follows his recent 22-city Canadian tour and showcases Yayo’s updated sound and new energy.

While “The Loyal” is not a complete reinvention, Yayo blends his flow and style with the prevailing sounds of 2023 Hip Hop with surprisingly strong results. The LP features collaborations with TyDaG and Pressa, where Yayo soaks up youthful energy without breaking a sweat.

Critiquing Yayo’s subject matter on “The Loyal” would be unfair in a climate where fans praise Pusha T for lyrically skiing through mountains of cocaine. However, the key is that it has to be done at an elite level; this is a line Yayo skirts many times on the LP. While some tracks lean too much into the street savage vibe, the LP includes stronger songs like “Get Indicted Hotline” and “Clown You When You Down,” which showcase Yayo’s maturity.

Yayo’s resume speaks for itself, and while he has a level of authenticity that allows him to talk from a street perspective, taking a decidedly first-person and present tense feels out of step in the culture’s current climate. Overall, “The Loyal” sees Tony Yayo returning with a refreshed sound that combines both old and new elements of his style, making it a welcome addition to his discography.

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