Tragedy inspired Lul Bandz to produce emotional music.

Lul Bandz an aspiring artist from the Bay Area of Northern California truly has a remarkable story . From his growth as an artist to his father being tragically killed by the police in early 2011 . Bandz has been known for his fast paced , action packed style music but on the other hand he can get down with the greats on his vocal skills too . With tracks like “SRT” and “Still Bandz he shows his diversity and versatility when it comes to rhyming on a beat and singing on a beat throwing in a little rhyme here and there . Lul Bandz was born in Vallejo California , raised in different parts of the Bay Area in which he stayed with his grandparents and from time to time with his mother . Lul Bandz had no idea his father was killed by the police until later on in his life when his mother decided it was right to tell him , by then it was a lost cause and everything he knew stood strange . Akinlabi “Breezy” Minter known for his cold rhymes is the father of the young lyrical genius , this is where he inherited the musical gift from . In 2021 Lul Bandz soared with over 15,000 streams on every major platform not even dropping one music visual which is very impressive to say the least . In 2022 Lul Bandz plans to bring awareness to his name and music , and change his life forever . You can follow Lul Bandz on Instagram @Lul.bandz and all music released by him on any platform with the search “Lul Bandz” .

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