Tyler Pauley: The Ascension of a Superstar Artist

We have all know the names of the A-list superstars in the music industry, such as the Drake’s, the Justin Bieber’s, and so on and so forth.  There is an upcoming artist from Atlanta, Georgia who is trying to become one of the next greats.  Who is this artist you may ask?  His name is Tyler Pauley.  Some may know him and some may not, but his name will be known by many soon.  The artist has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of combined followers on his social media accounts already, not to mention his only 20 years old.

Tyler Pauley, A.K.A “ProdbyPauley, lived in a city that was surrounded by lots of talented artists and musicians.  Pauley states that “I grew up in Atlanta, so I was always surrounded by very strong music and hip-hop culture.  I was always listening to a new Future or Lil Baby all the time because that’s what was popular here. When listening, I was always intrigued with the beats of the songs that stood out to me.”  Pauley began starting to explore the music realm.  He states that “In 6th grade, I started to play the snare drum, which helped me get an understanding of rhythm. I then started making beats on my laptop every day before and after school.  I was even putting in work on vacations. I then fell in love with making beats and the process of it.  It was kind of like putting together pieces of a puzzle.”

Tyler also has a talent for putting together and creating projects via video.  He has coordinated some very big projects.  One of his major pieces of work was a music video for an artist that goes by the name of Don Wavo.   Don Wavo claimed he wanted his music video “to be a movie”.  Tyler went to the next level for him, getting Wavo the best videographers in Miami along with some insane scenes.  Just like Wavo wanted, the music video turned out just as planned.  This is only shown in Tyler’s diverse abilities within the music industry.  He is definitely a name that will be a rising force within the music industry very soon.

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