Up and Coming Artist Blake Price, AKA “Prixe”is Taking Over the Rap Game and is Proving to be the Best in the 210!

Up and coming artist Blake Price, AKA “Prixe”.
Is making moves with his unique sound. With just dropping his most latest track “Ak”. This young artist seems to be looking to make his presence known.
Born and raised in San Antonio Tx, At only 25 years old, he’s just getting over being tied up in the system, and looking to make the next steps in his music career. You would think your dealing with a hitman they way he moves. Not only because the bangers being dropped, but the trail that is left behind. From a business man to a voice of the streets, the determination being depicted from this guy Is Unmatched.

Asking the artist if there is anything to be on the look out for? He Replies , “Many Videos To come”. “Putting The Image With The Message Is Where I Feel The Most In My Element”. “Just Need To See My People Supporting The Purpose”, Prixe Said.
MORE insight is needed from this special individual.

Contact info Blakeprice31@icloud.com


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