Upcoming Artist “Reptile” Making Waves In The Music Industry 

Stephen, better known as the musical artist “Reptile,” is a young and talented producer hailing from St. Augustine, Florida. With seven years of experience under his belt, Stephen started making music at the young age of 11, when his father introduced him to FL Studio 8. Today, he is a self-taught producer, creating a diverse range of sub-genres of rap, including Florida drill, Asian rock, Future, and south-side beats.

Stephen’s main inspiration is the unique sound of the artist Izaya Tiji, and he strives to develop his own sound that cannot be replicated. Currently, his only feature is Jlxu, but Stephen has aspirations to collaborate with artists such as Izaya Tiji, Lil Uzi Vert, Pierre Bourne, and Kodak Black.

Being completely independent, Stephen has not yet signed a record or distribution deal, but he is open to considering any opportunity that may come his way. His biggest supporters are friends from his school days, his family, and most importantly, his mother. Stephen’s music production is entirely self-created, and he often freestyles his lyrics in one take.

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