Upcoming Artist YB Taking Over The Internet

When did you start making music?

I started making music around 13 years old. That was the age of me attempting to write my first official song.

Where can we find you mostly, in the studio or in the club?

I’m tapped in on my trajectory. I’m in the label’s office or taking a meeting ha-ha. There’s little play time for me.

Who is your childhood hero?

My childhood heros were my older brothers. I grew up without a father so everything my older brothers did was fascinating to me.

What’s the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what’s your main platform?

My main platform is Instagram. The handle is @yb.official.

Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new songs or collaborations?

My biggest collabs are on the way. I can say that.

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