We Sat Down With Tai Dinero, Find Out More Here

Tai Dinero is a 19 year old hip hop artist from Philadelphia, PA who’s songs are making an impact in the rap underground. Ever since the age of 8, Tai has aspired to fulfill his musical dreams by following in his older brother’s footsteps and entering the music industry. Since he was young he was taught to write poetry and turn it into song. Watching his brother become a local hip hop sensation in the Philadelphia area is what made Tai want to pursue the career and take it seriously. His whole life he faced obstacles in which he needed to overcome and music being his passion was his escape from the harsh reality he found himself in. At age 17 after watching many of his friends head off to college, Tai found himself lonely but at the same time more focused than ever. “The moments I’ve been by myself I just continued to be in my bag more than ever and focused on my music” Tai says when speaking about his writing style. In 2018 when Tai released his debut single “In my Bag” he was just a young teen, however, he caught the attention of peers around the Philadelphia area. His lyricism and alternating flows generated him buzz as he progressed into the artist he always dreamed he would be. Since establishing himself with “In my Bag”, Tai has released several other hip hop hits since such as “Hallucinatin” as well as his new latest single off his upcoming EP “Motion”. Tai also has announced he will be releasing his first project at the end of August called “Zero to Dinero” which will include his latest song “Motion” as well as 9 other new songs. With co signs from Philadelphia legends Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert shouting his music out on social media, it’s safe to say Tai Dinero is not only the next big hip hop phenom out of Philly but potentially the music industry as a whole as well. 








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