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Rediscover an empowering experience at live music events with DJ Beachball. Most DJ dance parties are held in a dimly lit nightclub during the busiest days; however at DJ Beachball events, you’ll become one with nature, in dancing into a sunrise or sunset. “We’ll go on a hike, maybe do some yoga, maybe meditate, maybe workout, maybe journal; but always empowering wellness and an epic DJ’d dance party.” The night club feeling of fun and excitement are still present, however the club lights are replaced with beautiful scenery and an unforgettable view from the top of the mountain. 

 Each event also includes meditation, yoga and other wellness practices before the dance party begins. This gives the attendees a chance to really drop into themselves and disconnect from anything that may be on their mind and connect with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. The meditations are beginner friendly that steer our focus on that which we are grateful for. It also provides a good healthy fun way for people to try wellness practices like yoga and meditation for the first time. 

DJ beachball’s live music wellness events were inspired from his profound experience of Meditation. Meditation had done more than calm his mind, it had empowered it and DJ beachballs life greatly. His daily meditation practice resulted in deeper senses of peace, self mastery and fulfillment. Because of this; DJ Beachball said “my study into meditation became a fascination. I was going all in. As my understanding grew; so did my excitement to share what I had discovered.” DJ Beachball’s aim was to share his feelings of wonder and awe for life and an excitement for possibility; and to do so in a good, healthy, fun way. Dj beachball said “I wanted to help others realize that we have powers to transform our emotional states that most people don’t realize are possible. And the process can be so much fun”. Beachball continued to say that during each live event  “I aim to introduce fun tools that can get us out of stress; and enter expansion, power, creation, peace, and fulfillment.” Music and dance allows us to shift our emotional states to new levels many attendees previously didn’t know were possible. So many of us want peace of mind, fulfillment and love however don’t know how to get there and are stuck in stress. Beachball said “I was going to start empowering others through music events and meditation. However, I didn’t really resonate with the typical meditation classes in a meditation studio. The idea didn’t excite me enough. I didn’t resonate with the typical nightclub atmosphere either. I wanted to combine the two worlds and make meditation exciting and include the excitement of a nightclub in a good healthy fun way. “I felt an urge to put my own twist on it.”

 As the global pandemic began, all the meditations studios and nightclubs were required to shut down. Like many others, I felt the need for empowering community events more than ever. My weekly breathwork class attendance ceased and I began to really miss the community and my weekly sense of deep connection I would create for myself. I would meditate at home alone however it just wasn’t the same. I missed the community! and I knew I wasn’t the only one.  I had to do something. So I did. With safety protocols in effect, I began hosting DJ Beachball’s first outdoor meditation dance parties. I hosted outdoor campouts at epic locations and led a sunrise meditation and then DJ’d a live sunrise dance party. It was exciting and empowering. It was fun and not a typical meditation class or dance party. It was an experience. It snapped people out of their routines and gave them the sense of adventure. It was some Good Healthy Fun. Fun that you knew was good for you. Fun that didn’t leave you with a hangover. Fun that empowered you. Fun that could reveal a new level of inspiration within you.

 It was also during this time that I began DJ’ing outdoor workout fitness parties. Since all gyms were closed, people were also searching for outdoor workout options. My friend Marshall Shakro saw this as an opportunity to start his outdoor fitness event company: Homebells. Homebells started hosting some of LA’s largest outdoor workout events during the pandemic. Giving the community a place to safely workout and connect with friends. DJ Beachball was booked nearly every week  for the events in Santa monica. My DJ services soon grew to other social health communities like Motion LA and quickly I became synonymous with health and fitness. I was the “working out at the beach” DJ. For months, once or twice a week I’d spin feel good high energy music for hundreds of people on the sand. I quickly found myself surrounded by very healthy and disciplined individuals. I loved it. I also loved being the one to introduce them to meditation. At each of my workout gigs, I’d promote my own events and vice versa. One thing was for sure, if you were coming to one of my events, you would either be getting physically stronger or mentally stronger. In either case, you were going to leave my events better than when you arrived.

Throughout 2021, I was constantly throwing events all over california. DJ Beachball has had events in Malibu, Topanga, Santa Monica, Laguna beach, Dana Point, Hollywood, Sacramento, San Diego and even appearances at events in Miami, Las Vegas and New York City. 

In addition to DJ’n live music sets at epic lookouts in nature, I have a deep desire to help you become empowered. To me, being empowered is having a deep level of inner peace, a deep level of self mastery and a deep level of fulfillment. All of which I have struggled with greatly at one point in my life and have learned to master. Over the course of half a decade, I’ve studied, implemented and have seen amazing results. The limits of which I have still found no end. Hence why I still consider myself a student. However, within my 5 year self development journey, I have seen an overwhelming amount of benefits from the knowledge I’ve learned so far; in my own life and the lives of many others. The results of which have provided a great deal of inspiration and material for me include at my live music events with a great confidence that it will empower everyone who attends. 

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