Why Only You Can Sabotage Your Music Career, as Per Musician Justine Jakobs

Aspiring musicians frequently lament their lack of opportunities and how, if given a chance, they would jump at the opportunity to advance their careers. According to Justine Jakobs, the majority of people pass up the majority of significant opportunities presented to them due to their own fears and insecurities—most notably the fear of failure.

The other mistake Justine believes aspiring musicians make is having an unhealthy obsession with earning a lot of money, signing a lucrative deal, and amassing millions of followers and screaming fans.

Justine Jakobs, on the other hand, believes that this approach is one of the primary reasons why so many talented artists and bands become discouraged and give up long before they can carve out anything resembling a sustainable music career.

She believes that inexperienced artists jump into unknown waters without first learning to swim, and when they begin to drown, they quickly abandon their efforts; they begin to believe that their musical ambitions are too implausible, if not impossible.

As Justine explains, the music industry is an extremely secure industry in which anyone can work and earn a living. However, she points out that those who want this must take the proper steps and avoid a few critical errors.

Don’t Waste Opportunities

Justine believes that the digital era has created numerous opportunities for aspiring artists, as long as they learn how to spot genuine ones. According to Justine, those seeking advancement in their careers should first define their objectives and then collaborate with someone who can assist them until they achieve them.

Don’t Let Your Fears Control You

Justine explains that any journey toward one’s dreams is exhausting and fraught with peril. She does, however, urge all aspiring musicians not to let their irrational fears of failure derail their music career ambitions, as any obstacle can be overcome with enough effort and dedication.

Don’t Listen to Haters

For Justine, listening to people who are not successful and who are always negative is the fastest way for someone to sabotage their dreams. As she points out, the only thing a growing star should listen to is their heart and advice from people who have already achieved the same dream.

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