Why Slim Rig Is A Strong Artist

Slim Rig is a music artist who was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Born Nick Riggio, Nick from a young age had a passion for music like none other. From his father exposing him to albums such as Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill and Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Lp, Nick found his love for rap undeniable.

Slim started writing music in 2014 but really didnt take himself seriously until 2018 when he started releasing music. To become an independent artist, Slim Rig knows he needs to grind like no other to make it. However when Slim walks into the booth, his energy is unmatched. Pouring his heart and soul into every lyric he raps, every flow he creates there’s no doubt Slim Rig doesn’t have what it takes to shine in the music industry today. He has since been dropping new projects and singles consistently and you can tell he has a chip on his shoulder. Slim Rig’s debut album 2 Sides To Every Story was a project that shows if you have a dream, a passion or a goal and you never give up, you’re able to do anything you put your mind to. Notable Singles include, Go Get It feat. Kiemo OnGo, Need That feat. Chris Cadence, and Gotta Go feat. AntBran. 

Slim Rig has become a big motivation to startups in the music industry and is only going to continue to grow from here! 

For more information, click here. You can also connect to Slim Rig on Instagram.

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